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Did you hear that? Investigating Eagle's Big Boom Theories

What the Eagle Police Department thinks is causing the commotion
Posted at 5:36 PM, Apr 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-02 21:59:04-04

EAGLE, IDAHO — Eagle has been seeing and hearing a loud boom that lights up the sky for several months now, and nobody knows what is causing all the commotion.

  • Locals have been hearing loud booms for months now.
  • There are many theories as to what is causing the commotion.
  • Law enforcement believes it is a specific type of firework called a "Salute" that emulates canon fire.
  • The Eagle Police want people to call the non-emergency hotline if they hear or see any of these flashing booms.
  • Non-emergency - (208) 377-6790

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Fireworks, gunshots, or even aliens. Locals are at a loss for words for what is causing mysterious booms and flashing lights that can be seen and heard across Eagle. I'm your Eagle neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston, and I went on the hunt to find out what is causing all this commotion.

"What is the boom," asked a neighbor.

The city of Eagle has been seeing a boom, except this time it's not from the population. For the last several months locals have been hearing loud booms at night randomly throughout the city limits.

"It doesn't quite seem like a firework. It's just a really loud boom," explained Eagle local Chantel Wiles.

Loren Soukup, who also lives in Eagle said, "A huge explosion it sounds like. It physically shakes the house."

As seen in this ring camera footage, a flash shoots into the air, lighting the night sky.

"I have no idea. I've heard people talk about it and say it's something to scare away geese," said Wiles.

Each theory points to the next. I tried the Eagle Hills Golf Course. They told me they shoot off bottle rockets to scare the birds but nothing loud enough to compare to the mysterious boom. I even took to Facebook and immediately got loads of locals sharing their theories. Everything from m-80s strapped on model rockets, to aliens in the foothills.

Soukup said, "It's definitely not a firework. It is something more explosive than a firework."

I took the online theories to Chief Travis Ruby of the Eagle Police Department.

"We’ve worked with public works to ensure that no public projects are going on. So as we continued to look into it, we came across some fireworks that are relatively unknown that are called salutes," explained Ruby.

Simply put, a salute is a lot like the blank that would be shot out of a starter pistol for a track race but instead enhanced to emulate cannon fire. That is why there is no explosion of color and the boom is more powerful.

"It's just disconcerting. Especially for the elderly and the veterans in our neighborhoods. It's scary for them," explained Soukup.

Chief Ruby says anyone setting off these explosions should know they are committing arrestable crimes by disturbing the peace.

Ruby finished by saying, "The other concern too with these fireworks, is that it is still an explosion. If those ignite a fire, especially as we get into the dry season, there is a civil liability that could go along with that as well."

Travis Ruby does ask that if you see or hear any of these types of explosions please call the non-emergency hotline so that they can send deputies to go investigate. I'm your Eagle neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston, Idaho News 6.