E-scooter changes in Boise and Meridian

Posted at 7:34 AM, Jul 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-25 09:34:49-04

TREASURE VALLEY — While E-Scooters have been deployed in the City of Boise for about a year, the City of Meridian is now giving them a second chance. Holli Woodings, Boise City Council member says recently they've made some updates to the ordinance surrounding the scooters.

"The scooter will have it's own speed governor and that will take place on public plazas, Rhodes Skate Park, and some areas that we determine need to be geofenced," said Woodings.

Each device will have an ID number that will be readable from 30 feet away so you can identify which scooter it was.

Woodings says they've banned doing burnouts. They are also addressing ADA issues like parking the scooters in the right of way.

In Meridian, after pulling lime scooters last Fall, they plan to deploy Bird in August.

"It was sort of a free for all. There weren't a lot of rules," said Caleb Hood, City of Meridian.

Hood says earlier this year, the city entered into an agreement with Bird to provide shared electronic scooters in the community. There were complaints about the scooters including blocking sidewalks, users not wearing helmets, and teens riding without a valid license.

'We've crafted a new ordinance and rules on how to ride on the streets, on the sidewalk and the different perimeters," said Hood.