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Dunkin’ Brings Back Limited-Edition Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans

Dunkin’ Brings Back Limited-Edition Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans
Posted at 2:25 PM, Feb 23, 2021

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If you didn’t get a chance to try Dunkin’s limited edition coffee-flavored jelly beans last year, we have some great news. The sweet treat is returning just in time for Easter!

The coffee and doughnut shop teamed up with Frankford Candy to create Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans. The jelly beans come in Toasted Coconut, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Caramel Latte and Butter Pecan flavors that mirror Dunkin’s iced coffee menu.

The candy was new last year with limited retail availability and sold out quickly. This year, they will be available for $3.99 at retailers nationwide including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Five Below, Rite Aid and Big Lots. You can also order them online at Amazon and for a limited time.


Dunkin’ is no stranger to trying out foods that aren’t strictly in the coffee and doughnut categories. They have previously released a Dunkin’ beer in collaboration with Harpoon and offer a caffeine-infused cereal, among other limited edition food options.

You can also buy “Coffee Thins” chocolate in original and caramel flavors, Dunkin’ hot cocoa bombs and in the past, they collaborated with Jelly Belly to make jelly bean-flavored doughnuts.


Frankford Candy has teamed up with a few other brands to create some more unique Easter candy as well, including a Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Rabbit, Apple Jacks White Candy Rabbit, Fruity Pebbles White Chocolate Rabbit and Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Eggs.

All available online and in stores nationwide, each chocolate candy includes pieces of cereal, with the Rice Krispies eggs coming individually wrapped to fit right inside Easter baskets.

Frankford Candy

There are a handful of other fun jelly bean flavors for the Easter season as well, including new Brach’s Late Night Taco Truck Jelly Beans that, you guessed it, taste like taco night!

Available at retailers nationwide including Walmart, Target and Walgreens, each bag has six flavors: Margarita, Churro, Salsa, Guacamole, Beef Taco and Horchata.


Are jelly beans your favorite Easter candy?

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