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Drywall Repair Is A Snap With This $12 Product At Amazon

Drywall Repair Is A Snap With This $12 Product At Amazon
Posted at 11:45 AM, Sep 09, 2022

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When you’re moving out of a place, there are several somewhat irritating tasks that usually need to be completed. One of those is doing drywall repair by filling in all the nail and screw holes left from artwork that you had hanging around the house.

This used to mean coating the areas with drywall spackle and using a spatula to smooth it over the hole before possibly having to sand it down and paint. When leaving a rental, it’s best to leave walls clean and ready for a new coat of paint, while new homeowners typically appreciate drywall repair to be completely done with walls fully painted before they move in.

Thankfully, there’s an easier solution these days that thousands of Amazon users swear by for drywall repair. For less than $12, you can get a stick of Erase-A-Hole to fill holes in drywall, wall plaster or wood.

Erase-A-Hole Drywall Repair Putty

erase-a-hole drywall repair

The product is pretty simple to use. You apply it in a circular motion to cover the hole before dusting off any excess using your hand or a soft damp cloth. When the Erase-A-Hole dries, sand over it, if necessary, before painting. The special compound can repair nail holes or cracked plaster and matches wood, plaster and, drywall.

The compact size of Erase-A-Hole is one its main draws, as you can carry it in your pocket or in a tool belt no problem. Another pro is that the mixture doesn’t dry out in the tube between uses.

It’s available on Amazon for $11.89. With more than 7,200 global reviews so far, Erase-A-Hole comes highly rated with an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. People who’ve given it raves say they’ve found it easy to use, easy to clean and a good value.


Reviewer Melissa said she’s used this product since December 2021, when she first purchased it, and that the original tube was still good as new in August 2022, when she wrote her five-star review. Another person said she used it after removing shelves from her wall and called it “a lifesaver.” She found it easy to use and that it did a great job.

This drywall repair product would be great for homeowners, renters and college students as it lets you bypass using netting or mixing drywall spackle. It’s also made in America and manufactured and owned by a small family business.

Would this be a good fit for your home toolbox? If you’re planning on moving out soon, it might be worth adding to your cart.

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