Downtown Boise Old Chicago offers free meals

Posted at 9:27 PM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 23:27:47-05

BOISE, ID — Old Chicago in downtown Boise is aiming to give back to the community.
The Miracle on Idaho Street is a tradition for many on Christmas. It's a community event that welcomes anyone for a hot meal at old at no cost.

Christmas stockings, gloves, and socks will are out, and Santa will be there to take pictures with kids.

General manager Brent Giroux says they're expecting about 650 guests to walk through the doors on Christmas day.

"Growing up in a big family, we always had a big table. We always had a lot of people, and that's what kind of keeps me doing it year after year is I look at as one big table as many people we can fit in here, we do it," said Giroux.

Giroux says through the years, he's had many memories, but one in particular sticks out.

"Our customers that come in on Christmas, they're from numerous shelters, and in some of those shelters, the parents can't be together, and a few years back, the mother and the children were already here for Christmas and out of the blue, their father came in. It will have an impact on me as long as I do these."

With more than 100 volunteers, it's all a group effort. Many of them have done it for several years, like Mike and Debra Williams.

"They get a family dinner, and just being able to see them have family photos with Santa and things that we usually probably take for granted you know for Christmas," said Debra Williams, volunteer.

"Ya, and you know, during the event, you can sit down with them, have a conversation, so I think it helps elevate them, and it helps yourself as well," said Mike Williams, volunteer.

Guests can stay as long as they want. The event runs all on Christmas.