Downtown Boise holiday business

Posted at 10:45 PM, Dec 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-27 00:45:35-05

Now that Christmas is over and the new year is approaching, shopping is winding down. Some Downtown Boise local businesses are happy with the traffic they got this holiday season.

"Probably I'd say a third of our sales come from just like end of November to the end of December so which is pretty awesome. So, I mean downtown Boise gets a lot of tourism so we see a lot of people who are visiting especially in our store," said Lana Roth, Banana Ink owner.

"I think this ones been a little bit busier actually."

Roth partially attributes it to partnering with local events which she says brings people into the store.

"We're looking at, you know, we set goals every year and we had a lot more people in this year."

Kasey Allen, co-owner of the Stil ice cream shop in Bodo says he's surprised at how many people come in even during the winter.

"We've definitely been over year over year both in November and December so seeing a lot of good traffic so far the winter's been pretty mild. We had that little stretch of super cold weather for a couple weeks kind of the start of December," said Kasey Allen, The Stil.

Allen says he welcomes other business in the area because it just attracts more people which is good for everyone.

"You have people visiting friends and relatives who are in town and people just want to get out and do stuff and Boise has a lot of cool things to offer right now so it's been exciting," said Allen.