This Photographer Captured A Double Rainbow And Lightning In The Same Photo

This Photographer Captured A Double Rainbow And Lightning In The Same Photo
Posted at 6:54 AM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2020-06-18 16:44:55-04

Seeing a rainbow after a storm passes is already a rare experience.

Seeing a double rainbow is even rarer.

One lucky photographer in western Kentucky’s Muhlenberg County managed to get a double rainbow and a bolt of lightning all in the same shot.

This person submitted the incredible image to the local TV station, WBKO in Bowling Green, Kentucky, earlier this week. WBKO shared it with all their followers on Facebook, and the photo now has more than 39,000 likes.

To see a rainbow, the sun needs to be at your back with water droplets in front of you — something someone with an eye for detail would notice in the photo above.

Getting lightning in the same shot? That has to be just plain luck.

Rainbows form when light from the sun is reflected and refracted by water droplets in the air. The sun’s rays passing through water create a prism through which light is bent, causing the light to break up into its separate color wavelengths. The resulting effect is an optical, meteorological event that can be seen in the atmosphere.

Double rainbows are caused by a double reflection of the sunlight, which causes the rainbow’s colors to show up in the opposite order of the first rainbow.

To learn more about rainbows, such as your actual chances of finding a pot of gold at the end, watch the video below:

And for some pretty amazing lightning facts, including your chances of being struck by lightning, check out this video:

The result of these weather phenomena, in this case, was a stunning image that we can all enjoy. Isn’t nature fascinating?

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