Deputies rescue bobcat stuck inside car grill

Deputies had to call in reinforcements to get a bobcat out from under a person's car.
Deputies rescue bobcat stuck inside car grill
Posted at 8:43 AM, Apr 21, 2023

Deputies in Portage County, Wisconsin, got a relatively strange call recently when a car owner reported a bobcat stuck in the grill of their vehicle. 

A photo shared by Sheriff Mike Lukas showed the bobcat inside the grill of the car, just under the front license plate. Despite their best efforts, the deputies called on Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wardens to assist in freeing the bobcat. 

“As you can imagine the shock they were in when, low and behold, there was a bobcat in the vehicle,” Lukas wrote on Facebook. “My deputies are really good at solving problems, but this one baffled them, so we called in reinforcements.”

Within minutes, the warden used a stick to take the bobcat from behind the car’s grill to the back of a pickup truck. The deputies could be heard chuckling as they recused the bobcat. 

According to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, bobcats are more common in the state’s northern sections, but there have been increased sightings in central and southern parts of the state. Wisconsin bobcats typically weigh 20–30 pounds and are generally solitary, except when breeding. 

Portage County is in central Wisconsin, about 80 miles west of Green Bay.

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