SYSCO KITCHEN: Bringing French Cuisine to Idaho

Posted at 3:19 PM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 17:19:43-04

A warm welcome to our new Executive Chef, Richard Jimenez. Our new Spring/Summer menu, featuring global tastes, ingredients from our spring gardens and a unique flavor palette, we are excited to begin the next chapter of the Chateau des Fleurs and Le Coq d'Or journey. We have put years of love into our vineyards, gardens and the experiences that brought this business together; we are eager to share our family's local roots and international travels with the Idaho community. Please see a note from Richard under the pictures below, and we invite you to join us soon! -Susan Camille Beckman Roghani

A note from Chef Jimenez:
My goal is to share my mind on a plate, creating a unique memory and connection with our guests. I look forward to sharing the bounty of our gardens and vineyards, highlighting Idaho in a way like no one else. I've cooked for many incredible Chefs, most notably Scott Leibfried at 'Soleil @K' in San Diego, the longtime Sous Chef of Gordon Ramsey. Cooking since age 15, I have held eight Sous Chef positions at restaurants such as Galileo's in San Diego and Spazio's in Los Angeles. My accolades includes a Silver and three Bronze Medals from the American Culinary Federation, and consecutive winnings with 'A Taste of Idaho'. Most recently, I was head chef at the beautiful Red Feather Lounge in downtown Boise.

My love of cooking started as a child; my father is a Chef and my mother a Baker. Cooking has always been my favorite creative outlet, and as an adult I am blessed that my passion gets to drive and guide me every day. Teaching others, seeing growth within my team and creating memories through food make my work fulfilling and rewarding. My favorite challenge? To take ingredients that don't seem to go together and create a beautiful masterpiece. I hope you enjoy my cooking style and look forward to creating a dining experience you will want to enjoy again and again.



Soft Polenta

Confit cippolini

Slow cooked Egg yolk

Asparagus tips

Morel Mushrooms

Truffle vinaigrette

Parmesan cracker