Cardboardeaux: 3 surprisingly fine boxed wines

Posted at 1:42 PM, Apr 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-01 10:05:40-04

Boxed wine gets a bad rap, but aside from being less expensive than bottled wine, it's better for the environment and stays fresh for 4-6 weeks.

Now, real wineries and real people are actually proud to put wine in boxes. Lindsey Granger and wine expert Mark Tarbell have three that are surprisingly fine that will have you buzzing.

1.  Big Sipper Pink

This fabulous pink box rose wine is only $11 and one box of Big Sipper equals six average size bottles of wine. That’s some major savings and for a great product. Rose's are one of the great wines of the world and they can go with shrimp, salads – it's very flexible and very friendly.

2.  Pour Haus Cabernet Sauvignon

This one is younger so it's going to have more vibrancy and life to it. You could have it with a more intensely made chicken or a pork dish. It was created in 2014 in California and costs about $15 and there are approximately 4 average size wine bottles. Plus the box looks cool so it’s a great conversation piece!

3.  Cuboid Chardonnay

This one was $23 which is more expensive the other two featured, but not too pricy when you consider that 4 bottles of wine are in one box. It has a creamy, toasty and lush feel. It’s great for cocktailing, appetizers and simple light foods.

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