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18th annual Community Baby Shower comes to a close, donation totals available here

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Posted at 2:22 PM, Jun 20, 2024

IDAHO — As the 18th annual Community Baby Shower nears its end, the numbers are showing an increase in donations from the previous year thanks to generosity from the community in Idaho.

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Though donations are still open through Sunday, June 23, the current donation totals are:

  • Diapers: 78,445
  • Wipes: 1,957
  • Other Items: 5,405
  • Money: $26,418.48

The results show an increase in nearly all donation fields over last year's totals, with a near $10,000 increase in donated money and thousands more donated miscellaneous items than last year.
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The donations will be benefiting Baby Haven, Baby Steps, Family Advocates, Booth Program for Young Parents, and Payette Head Start.