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Can you find the owl with the distinctive sweater in this tricky puzzle?

Can you find the owl with the distinctive sweater in this tricky puzzle?
Posted at 5:30 AM, Oct 12, 2023

Cozy autumn vibes, cute and fuzzy owls, and even cuter sweaters all add up to create the theme of a new Dudolf picture search puzzle.

You’ll be hunting for one distinctive strigiform in this parliament of owls, whose sweater does not match any other on one of its night-dwelling friends.

This picture search is by fan-favorite puzzle maker Dudolf, the puzzle pen name of Gergely Dudás. He uploaded a YouTube video of himself creating the entire design from start to finish (spoiler at the end!), which you can see below.

In the caption for the video, Dudás wrote that this particular puzzle took him about six hours to do.

Getting a chance to see the artist’s work process sped up is quite fascinating. You can see where he digitally hand draws the owls and other details and also uses duplication to include recurring elements.

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As always, his pictures are full of adorable details. There’s an owl clutching a lollipop, a pair sipping presumed pumpkin spice lattes and one wearing shades. Some of the orange and yellow sweaters have jack-o’-lantern faces while others have repeating patterns. Two and sometimes three sets of owls match, but there’s only one bird with a sweater that doesn’t match any other.

Did you spot it? A few Facebook commenters on Dudás’ Facebook post about the fall owl puzzle were “puzzled” by the final solution. If you need to, you can always go to the puzzle master’s blog to view a version with better resolution, which links to the solution.

Dudás is from Hungary but now lists his city of residence as Dresden, Germany. He has been creating viral picture puzzles for several years. Dudás has 168,000 followers on Facebook and 49,200 on Instagram and he posts new puzzles frequently on both social media sites.

If you’d like to try out another of his fall-themed brain teasers, this one in which you need to find four apples among a blanket of autumn leaves is particularly tricky!

Did you find the distinctive fall owl in this puzzle without help?

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