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Walk with caution, don't slip!

Posted at 5:15 PM, Jan 18, 2024

  • Dr. Evan Melville of St. Luke's has seen a number of arm and knee-related injuries due to ice
  • If you plan on sledding or skiing make sure there's nothing at the bottom of the hill or slope that might cause an injury

When you look outside it's pretty clear that we've had some winter weather but it's not until you walk outside that you notice the sidewalks and pavement are a bit slippery.

Near the Boise Bench, we have a mix of slush, accumulated snow, and ice, which can be a perfect recipe for slips and falls.

Urgent Care and Emergency Departments across the valley have seen a spike in snow and ice-related injuries.

Dr. Evan Melville is a sports medicine physician at a Boise St. Luke's walk-in clinic.

Thursday alone, he saw several patients come in for arm and knee injuries after falling on slick pavement.

Dr. Melville, says, “When you fall down the first instinct is to put your arms out in front of you to catch yourself so generally arms are the things that get hurt first or from slipping and you have your knee come out in front of you and you land on it awkwardly.”

Along with arms and knee injuries, Dr. Melville says he’s also seeing a lot of injuries when it comes to sledding, like fractures, knee and shoulder injuries.

Before sledding you want to make sure that there's nothing at the bottom of the hill that could cause injury.