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Snow advice for sale!

Posted at 8:04 PM, Jan 10, 2024

The Boise Bench got plenty of snow, perfect enough to make a snowball, and with the snow, people need a shovel and our friends at B's Ace Hardware have been busy all day.

Snow advice for sale.

"This one you picked out is a good one, perfect, awesome thank you,” says Gary Catlin.

Gary Catlin is Ace Hardware’s expert when it comes to winter weather.

“Fortunately, I've had 70 years of driving on ice and snow,” said Gary.

Plus, shovels are his specialty if you need a recommendation.

“I try to steer them away from heavier shovels if they're just going to be doing sidewalks and driveway,” he says.

That’s what customers are buying.

“Because it’s snowing,” says, Chloe, a customer.

Also popular, is ice melt.

Catlin adds, “they are moving quickly that stack is about half.”

Along with ice scrapers and deicer. Everything you need to dig out from the storm.

“These are the best shovels ever, our house is on a hill and the driveway is on a hill, slide it down the hill you slide it up over the side you don't even have to lift it,” says Mary, another customer.

Shopper, Emily Whiting, told us, "Fortunately, someone on our street has a snowblower so they did our sidewalk at least but I need to get us to the street,” she laughs.

Prepared to move the snow himself, Dylan Congdon told us, "they don't have any plows or anything so going I came down here and grab a shovel and maybe some salt too,"

"This is a good one and this one over here is a good one,” advised Gary.

And if you need any hot tips on a cold day.

"Think about the angle you’re going to push the snow and avoid picking it up.”

Gary has got you covered, and his snow advice is free of charge.

“Alright, there you go. Anymore questions let me know,” said Gary.

We just talked to Ace, and they've got a new shipment of shovels that just came in that will well prepare you for the storm coming in the next few days.