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School district resets Owyhee Elementary transition process

Boise School District
Posted at 5:59 PM, May 22, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — The Boise School District announces a process reset for Owyhee Elementary. Now ahead of the Board of Trustees vote, the district will receive community input throughout the summer.

  • Boise School District announces a process reset for Owyhee Elementary.
  • Now parents can give input on the school's proposed transition, ahead of the Board of Trustees meeting.
  • Parents have until August 12th, to fill out an online form regarding their concerns and questions.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

After hearing a ton of concerns from parents Boise School District is going back to the drawing board, I’m your neighborhood reporter Jessica Davis and the Boise School District is pressing reset on the transition Owyhee Elementary from a K through 6 to Early Childhood Learning Center.

“The community really wants a seat at the table," says Angela Wimer.

And that's what the Boise School District is now doing.

Giving Owyhee Elementary parents the chance to weigh in on the proposed transition from a K-6 Elementary to an Early Childhood Learning Center.

"It was never our intent to have a confusing process but when we start to hear confusion back then we want to reset,” says Becca Anderson, Borah Area Director for the District.

In an email to parents, the Boise School District apologized, saying their process so far was inconsistent with their commitment to openness and transparency.

We’ve been following this story for weeks. I was at the three parent meetings when parents raised initial concerns and began raising awareness about what's going on with their neighborhood school.

"As parents and as educators we expect our kids to act with integrity and we all make mistakes and when we do it's important to say sorry. And they did that and that meant a lot I think to us as a community and helped encourage building trust.”

Now Owyhee parents and families from neighboring schools are a part of the conversation.

"They asked us for a reset and re-communicate and basically give parents an answer soon rather than later on whether the conversion was going to happen,” says Becca Anderson, Borah Area Director for the District.

Throughout the summer parents can share their thoughts and concerns with the District through an online form.

“We thought at the beginning of the process was kind of the right thing to do but now it kind of makes more sense to say okay the board is going to make a definitive decision and then parents will be better armed with information, so they know if they want to participate,” says Angela Wimer.

The board of trustees will then vote on the issue at their meeting on August 12th. and will also be taking public testimony.

Depending on the board's outcome, the district will then move forward with redrawing boundaries for the school's existing students for the 2025-2026 school year.