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Neighbors on S. Curtis Road express concerns over unfinished construction

Posted at 9:35 AM, Jun 07, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — Construction on the Boise Bench has been frustrating neighbors and even presenting them with safety hazards.

  • Neighbors are fed up with the progress of an unfinished subdivision.
  • Residents on S. Curtis road and S. Janeen say for at least 2 years they've felt the negative impacts from the construction.
  • Ryan Monteleone is a resident on S. Curtis, and his driveway near the sidewalk, is filled with metal rods coming out the ground and nails facing upright on planks of wood laying in front of his driveway.

Following the airing of this story, some of the metal rods and wood from the construction was moved from a neighbor's front yard.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Imagine getting off and as soon as you get out of your car to get into your home, you're met with metal rods and nails coming out of the wood and that’s what homeowners have been experiencing for months I’m your Neighborhood Reporter Jessica Davis and neighbors are fed up with construction.

“I’ve had at least 15 people trip over that at night,” says Ryan Monteleone.

Ryan Monteleone lives on Curtis Road, right next to the future Joyful Subdivision, but progress on the planned development has been slow.

He says, “I asked the guys when are you going to finish he says I have no idea.”

He says construction started more than two years ago.

“They came to me in December and said do you mind it's going to take us two weeks if we dig this out and redo it i said okay no problem a month later they're nowhere to be found, so I finally got rock, and filled in my driveway,” says, Ryan.

It's not just his driveway, he says crews also cut down his tree without notice and removed his mailbox.

He's not the only neighbor being impacted

“Stuff tore up and all over the place I mean holes open in fact in front of my house I had a ditch in front of my house about 4 feet deep and about eight feet wide,” says William Griffth, a resident on S. Janeen Street.

You don't have to look far to see their concerns.

Stakes in front of Ryan's yard and screws sticking straight up out of planks of wood.

"I don't know if that's the developer or the contractor I don't know who's holding him up," Ryan says.

So we got some answers.

I found public documents linked to the project on the City of Boise's online development tracker.

It shows progress took so long, the new developer, Dean Briggs, had to resubmit the project's application.

I also reached out to the contractor, Colleseum LLC,

They said there's not much they can do until the developer finishes their part.

I got in touch with Briggs, but he declined to comment for the story.

“I can’t tell you about the laws and regulations but it feels wrong,” says William Griffith.

The latest concerns, just this week, when neighbors posted online about open irrigation boxes, just feet from the sidewalk, which I saw on Tuesday left completely exposed and uncovered.

By Wednesday, a temporary fix, with plywood and rocks to prevent neighborhood pets and kids from falling in.

This was just wide open there's a 30 inches pipe in there,” says Ryan

Even without a clear idea of when this project will come to an end neighbors say it's already been two years too long.

"They have no respect for the neighbors that what it is,” says Ryan Monteleone

Ryans next-door neighbor, Chris, says “We're not quite understanding, we understand about progress but this guy that got this property, no, he is not doing the right thing.”

We told the city what was going on and they said that they are going to take action and take closer look at what's going on on the site. Stay with us, as the story develops.