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Local woman creates warm shelters for furry friends

Posted at 7:38 PM, Feb 12, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — Diane Ayers, the Co-founder of Operation Community Cat, creates winter shelters for cats.

  • Winter cat shelters completely free! Made out of styrofoam, straw, and held together by duct tape.
  • Donations to the organization can be made online.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Although we've had a warm few weeks, it’s still winter time and if we have to stay warm so do our furry friends.

"I’d do anything for cats,” said Diane Ayers.

Diane Ayers is filling a hole she sees in the community when it comes to caring for cats.

"There's people that make them in other areas but nobody that I know of in Boise," said Ayers.

Out of pure love for those furry companions, the Co-founder and President of Operation Community Cats is making sure those animals have a warm place for the winter.

So, she’s making winter cat shelters.

Ayers said, “I saw that these were being made, and the gal that used to make them, she and her husband were retiring from doing it and just thought, 'well.'”

It's a simple concept.

"I take a can just about the size for a cat and then I make a little pattern. The cat will come in over here and his body heat will keep him warm.”

All she uses is Styrofoam, straw, and duct tape to piece everything together.

“We'll put the straw in here as I said deters the fleas,” she continues, “some people use glue, I use duct tape."

As a cat owner, I had my "Cookie" test it out for herself.

She loves to sit outside but she also needs to stay warm. Although she was a little scared of the straw, it seems like she liked it, kind of.

As for Ayers, she says it’s been a little slow. She's given out about 50 boxes but can make about 25 a day.

"They can just come and help themselves and if I notice if they're getting low, I'll make some more,” says Ayers.