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Local artists create a mural ahead of Earth Month

Posted at 7:20 PM, Mar 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-27 21:20:56-04

BOISE, Idaho — Work is underway on a Boise Bench mural that encompasses energy efficiency, sustainability, and the outdoors.

  • Albertsons partners with local artist for Earth Month mural
  • Around seven artists from the Treasure Valley are working together to create a piece of art for the entire community to enjoy.
  • The group plans to be done on or by April 4th.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Work is underway on a Boise Bench mural that encompasses energy efficiency, sustainability, and the outdoors.

Local artists are painting a piece for the community to help celebrate Earth Day.

“In some cases, you have to go through a museum or gallery to see artwork but with murals, it's accessible to everyone,” says Jay Rasgorshek.

Jay Rasgorshek is teaming up with other local artists, to create a mural at the Albertsons on Broadway, that coincides with one of the company's Recipes for Change goals, which is energy efficiency.

Kathy Holland, communication and public relations for Albertsons Companies Intermountain Division, says “His installation really tied in, you can see the wind movements in his art pieces you can see some wildlife some of that great Idaho history right there in his artwork.”

The mural consists of environmental impacts like wind turbines and a mix of wildlife and outdoors.

"Right now I'm working on some of the more logo things. I had to translate some of the windmills up and expand a little bit so that's what I was doing,” says Macy Ratzesberger, one of the artists working on the mural.

Eva Streicher, one of the seven artists working on the mural, says, “We're working with a much brighter blue so like trying to find shading and highlights for that but right now I'm trying to figure out the colors for the tips of the wings.”

The work is all done by Treasure Valley artists.

They started on Monday, and hope to finish the project next week. All in hopes of bringing the community together one brushstroke at a time.

Jay Rasgorshek, says “Looking at this mural right here it's going to be like filled with people going to BSU football games and like walking by biking to school you know like this has sizable impact for a relatively small fee.”

Earth Day is on April 22nd, but the entire month of April is Earth Month, artists here plan on getting the mural done by April 4th.