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Historic Boise Bench Furniture store set to close

Posted at 9:37 AM, May 21, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — After 75 years of selling new and used furniture, the Bench Commission is set to close soon. Owner Ken Nill, says it's time to start a new chapter.

  • The Bench Commission New & Used furniture store will be closing in about two months.
  • The Bench Commission has been a Bench staple since the 50's, selling tables, chairs, drawers, and most household items.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

A Boise Bench historic furniture store has been selling nearly every household item since the 1950's, but soon they'll be closing their doors for good.

I'm your Boise Bench Neighborhood Reporter Jessica Davis at Bench Commission Furniture where the owner is ready to make the switch from reselling furniture to retirement.

“Packed. You couldn't see the floor except for the aisles,” said owner Ken Nill.

The Bench Commission is a used furniture store, that opened in the 50's.

"I know it's been up there a long time, but I think you're stretching it,” Nill said to one customer.

Ken Nill has been the owner of the Bench Commission since he was a college grad, selling dressers, tables, couches, and some items you wouldn't expect.

"It’s kind of like gambling, every day you buy it there's no book on all the values of things, it's all got feeling,” said Nill.

After Nill's parents ran the store, Nill and his brother started running the business. From there, Ken took full ownership, but that wasn't always the plan.

"I planned on being a history teacher, that's what I love also, and came in here and it was much more profitable,” said Nill.

After running the store for decades, Nill says it's finally time to close up shop.

He said, “It is time, no family members or anything like that are willing to take it over, so it's time to end it and start a new chapter here.”

A new chapter is right, but Nill says he wouldn't have been open this long without the support of the community.

“Gosh,” said Nill, “I don't know what's going to be here, but I want to thank the city of Boise and all the loyal customers and especially employees that I've had over the years.”

The Bench Commission is still open, and they're having a liquidation sale until most of everything is gone. Nill said he expects the store to be open for at least the next two months.