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After months of concerns, neighbors see construction site changes

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jun 10, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — Safety concerns at the Joyful Subdivision construction site off Curtis Road, are finally being addressed.

  • The City of Boise has confirmed that a case has been open regarding the subdivision and a code compliance officer will work with owners to ensure structures are secured.
  • Since June 6, construction materials have been removed from neighbors yards.
  • Metal grates for open irrigation boxes were installed to ensure safety for neighbors.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Safety concerns at a construction site off Curtis Road, are finally being addressed.

I’m your Boise Bench Neighborhood Reporter Jessica Davis where neighbors are now glad to see grates being covered on open irrigation boxes and huge piles of construction materials moved.

"I'm glad they finally took some initiative,” says Ryan Monteleone.

After waiting for months Ryan Monteleone is finally feeling some relief.

"It shouldn't have took having the news come out having the city council come out having every neighbor within two miles complain,” says Ryan.

Neighbors complaining about construction materials, that up until late last week, were stacked on Ryan's property, posing safety concerns.

After our story aired Friday morning, neighbors saw crews quickly addressing those concerns.

Moving materials and installing metal grates on two existing irrigation boxes previously left uncovered.

Monteleone says, “They took the wood down that was out here and everything and they just put it in a pile on the other side of the fence so once you drive by my house it looks like crap again.”

I was there when District 3 Council Member Kathy Corless came out to talk to neighbors about their concerns.

She says, "I was shocked I mean you hear things and you kind of think maybe people are exaggerating there's no exaggeration he was unable to get out of his driveway we have a very unsafe condition there's nails sticking out everywhere it's very unsafe for our community.”

Corless toured the site with the neighbors and came away with a plan.

"I'm going to meet with the planning team to see what they've uncovered who the developer is and see if we can get some answers on a time frame,” says District 3 Council Member Kathy Corless.

I reached out to the city and a spokesperson told me they've opened a case, and a code compliance officer is working with owners to get structures secured.

Councilmember Corless says, “We can't have developments that are left half-developed and that are unsafe for our community, we're going to do everything we can to remedy that.”

As for Ryan Monteleone, he's left with an unfinished eyesore in his front yard, waiting on the next steps.

“Next it's either fill in this hole and leave it unless you guys are ready to pour the rest of the concrete or pour the concrete and be done, one or the other,” says Monteleone.

I reached out again to companies involved in the project and have yet to hear back. We’ll continue following this story with the latest updates and details.