Boise Bench tank farm could get new home

Posted at 8:59 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 22:59:17-04

BOISE — You really can't miss a collection of giant fuel tanks along Curtis Road near the intersection of Emerald in Boise. Those tanks could be finding a new home at some point. Right now, these oil and gas tanks reside on the Boise Bench near the emerald and Curtis intersection.

Mike Journee, the City of Boise spokesperson says moving the tank farm has been in talks for several years. He says it's not a very compatible use for the area which consists of Saint Alphonsus Hospital, businesses, and residences.

He says the city is having conversations with the various owners of the tank farm about whether or not they would be interested in moving it toward the airport.

Journee says it makes sense to put it there because it's an industrial area near transportation, the rail line and that's where the main fuel pipeline for the city comes in.

"That in turn would free up the tank farm area as a potential for redevelopment so now we're talking a lot about affordable housing and a need for housing stock in our community so that would provide a great opportunity to take a hard look at that property and see if there's something we can do along those lines," said Mike Journee, City of Boise spokesperson.

Journee says it would free up the area as potential for an urban renewal district. He says there is no set plans or timeline yet, but it would be a very extensive and they're trying to determine if it's financially feasible and what kind of environmental challenges there would be.