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Blink-182’s classic lineup is back with a new album

Blink-182’s classic lineup is back with a new album
Posted at 6:18 AM, Sep 20, 2023

The trio Blink-182 hasn’t released an album with its most popular lineup (Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus) since 2011’s “Neighborhoods.” The most recent Blink-182 albums (2016’s “California” and 2019’s “Nine”) replaced the group’s founding guitarist-vocalist Tom DeLonge with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fame.

DeLonge left in 2015, but returned to the band last year, in 2022. Blink-182 released the single “Edging” about a year ago and has since been performing live — they made a last-minute appearance at Coachella in April, for example. But the reunion is now in full swing, and Blink-182 is ready to rock.

The band shared the news on their social media pages, including X, late last year:

And now, the promised album is coming at last! As reported by Deadline, the tracklist of “One More Time…” has been officially released. The title track will be released on Thursday, September 21 at 10 a.m. ET and the full album will be available starting October 20.

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The band announced the news during a four-minute video preview posted to its official YouTube page on Monday:

This album is one that many Blink-182 fans never saw coming. There has been bad blood between the band members for years, but it seems that recent crises (such as Hoppus’s lymphoma battle and DeLonge’s painful divorce) helped to bring the friends back together.

The way the universe works is strange because I reached out to Mark because I needed him to sign this piece of paper that had to do with my divorce,” DeLonge said on “The Zane Lowe Show” podcast, as reported by People. “Only because of that call did I learn he had cancer.”

The friends, who first met over 30 years ago in 1992, began to rebuild their bond and soon became as close-knit as ever.

“We’ve been able to completely repair that friendship and really cut to the depth of who we are as people and what this is all about,” DeLonge said.


And, don’t worry, Skiba fans. He isn’t disappointed to give up his seat to DeLonge.

“It wasn’t this huge surprise, nor was it a stab in the back or anything,” Skiba toldVulture, saying that he is excited that the band is reuniting in this format. “It seems like people are really psyched about it, and I’m one of those people too. I’m honored to have been asked to fill in for Tom or to join the band or however you want to phrase it. I’m proud of the work that I did with them. We had a great time.”

Blink-182 just started a worldwide tour. You can check out the upcoming dates here.

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