Being prepared for the Idaho back country

Posted at 9:51 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 23:51:15-05

Snow in the forecast won't stop many outdoor enthusiasts from enjoying all the gem state has to offer. The Idaho Backcountry is full of beautiful untouched wilderness for us to enjoy.

If you're not prepared, it could be less than enjoyable.

"A lot of the time our searchers start with my husband, my son, my brother, whoever went to the Idaho City area. Well it's 2000 square miles of wilderness here so the Idaho City area doesn't work. They could be anywhere. They could be anywhere from the high bridge on Highway 21 to Stanley," said Jim Kaczmarek, Boise County Sheriff.

He suggests taking a GPS spot device with you that can send out signals and a way to connect with people back home.

"Know your route, don't follow your GPS up here. A lot of the times that's going to lead you on roads that aren't maintained and you're going to get stuck."

"Not being familiar with the area and not being prepared for inclement weather would be some of the biggest ones."

Kaczmarek says to have plenty of water, food, emergency shelter, tools, fire starter, first aid kit, illumination, and sun protection.

He says when you're heading out into the wilderness, tell someone where you're going and don't deviate from that.

DeEtta Peterson with the Idaho City Department of Recreation says never get too comfortable.

"We've done it so many times that I don't need that today. In reality that will be the day that you actually do need it so I would say there's nothing new under the sun. Be wise, be smart. You've heard what you need to do, be certain that you do that, heed the advice. It's back country for a reason," said Petersen.