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Crystal clear water at Blue Heart Springs makes the oasis a popular destination in the Magic Valley

Posted at 12:49 PM, Jun 20, 2024

HAGERMAN, Idaho — If you're looking for crystal clear water that gives you the impression that you could be in the Caribbean, you should seek out Blue Heart Springs.

"Yeah if the Caribbean was freezing cold," laughed Gary Gaines of Rexburg, Idaho. "It was cold, but enjoyable. I had a really good time."

A swimmer takes a dip in Blue Heart Springs

The water at Blue Heart springs remains underground for around 100-years and when it bubbles to the surface it comes out at a crisp 58 degrees.

However, the only way to get to this Oasis south of Hagerman is by cruising along the Snake River. The adventure starts at Blue Heart Kayaking where they can get you geared up with all the proper equipment.

It's called Blue Heart Springs because it looks like a heart

The journey takes less than an hour to reach Blue Heart Springs, but it also provided wildlife along the way with pelicans and deer.

"I actually did see a deer, that was cool it came up to drink from the river," said Gaines. "The pelicans are really funny they are sitting out there."

Pelicans fly past some paddle boarders on the Snake River

The springs was filled with kayakers, stand-up paddle boarders and motorized vessels. We were there on a Wednesday that also happened to be on a holiday.

"This is a pretty quiet day compared to a Friday afternoon or a weekend where we see anywhere from 75 to 100 vessels," said SGT. Ken Mencl of the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office. " The big thing we see here is people putting on the water without even having a life jacket on them.”

We ran into SGT. Mencl at the springs

Idaho state law requires a life jacket on board for every person on a vessel and children 14-and-under need to be wearing a PFD while they are on the water. The SGT. also told us people should have a whistle, a non invasive species sticker and motorboats are not allowed to run their motor inside the spring.

We ran into the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office at the spring as they were on patrol. Ken Mencl told us the other thing they see that puts people in danger is over indulging with alcohol.

A look from above

"While it is not illegal to have alcohol, it is illegal to become intoxicated if you are operating a kayak, a paddle board or a motorized vessel," said Mencl. "If you are over the legal limit you could be potentially charged with an OUI. The fine for that is 500 dollars if you are a state resident or 1,000 if you are an out of state resident."

A trip to Blue Heart Springs is an adventure that the entire family can enjoy and if you want to simplify the process Blue Heart Kayaking can get you set up. They also offer a shuttle service if you want to continue on the Snake River down to Ritter Island, but if you have all the proper equipment you can launch for just five dollars.

Paddlers put-in at Blue Heart Kayaking

"It was nice and easy with a decent price," said Gaines. "The paddle boards were great and I didn't fall off so that was a bonus."

This is just one adventure in the 1,000 Springs area and tune in next week to find out the perfect spot to soak and relax after taking a dip in Blue Heart Springs.