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Crouch transitions from wild and crazy to family friendly 4th of July celebration

Posted at 4:57 PM, Jun 30, 2024

CROUCH, Idaho — There will be no illegal fireworks allowed this year in Crouch during their 4th of July celebration, a stark contrast to some of their past celebrations dating back to an infamous celebration in 2016.

If you have never seen the celebration in downtown Crouch in 2016 it is pretty wild. That tradition was able to continue at the rodeo grounds until this year as this mountain town continues their transition to a family-friendly celebration.

"It was a free for all and if you got away without getting hurt you were one of the lucky ones, so the city council and the chamber got together to try and make it more safe and sane."
Craig Wees of the Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce

The celebration begins at 8:00 a.m. by raising the flag, honoring a veteran and having an A-10 flyover courtesy of the Idaho National Guard. This mountain community is about as patriotic as it gets.

"Oh my gosh it’s my favorite holiday, how are do you not like the 4th of July? It just gives me the chills, I can’t wait for the A-10s to flyover, the major running the formation is named Duke, how American is that? So come on up and see the fun."
Craig Wees

4th of July is an important event for business in Garden Valley and Crouch and they want people to visit. However, they ask people to leave the illegal fireworks at home. We were going to interview the fire chief, but authorities had to respond to a small wildfire while we were there.

A wildfire crews put out on Friday afternoon

"The fire chief just got called out on a fire seconds ago so it’s really important that we talk about fireworks because we are surrounded by woods, let us do the fireworks right here in Weilmunster Park."

The fireworks happen at 10:00 p.m. However, there will be activities all day long including kids games, a soap box derby race and a duck race down the Middle Fork of the Payette River.

Fireworks happen at Weilmunster Park in Crouch at 10:00 p.m.

Crouch will host two versions of their 4th of July parade. One will be dry and the other will be a wet one as people will have ample opportunities to cool off if Independence Day ends up being a hot day.

"We are really encouraging people to use water guns and we are going to have water tubs up and down the parade route, it’s just going to be a hoot and plan on getting wet."
Crouch aims for a family-friendly 4th of July

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