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Amazon pulls eye drops after FDA threatens legal action

Seven types of eye drops that did not meet federal regulations were being sold by Amazon.
Amazon pulls eye drops after FDA threatens legal action
Posted at 11:51 AM, Nov 15, 2023

Seven types of eye drops sold by Amazon have been pulled from shelves after the Food and Drug Administration notified the online retailer the eye drops are not considered safe and effective. 

A search of the company's website revealed the products are no longer available. 

"These products are especially concerning from a public health perspective. Ophthalmic drug products, which are intended for administration into the eyes, in general pose a greater risk of harm to users because the route of administration for these products bypasses some of the body’s natural defenses," the letter written by Jill Furman, director of compliance at the FDA, said. 

The letter said it is Amazon's responsibility to ensure the products it sells comply with FDA regulations. The FDA warned of consequences if Amazon did not act. 

"Safety is a top priority at Amazon. We require all products offered in our store to comply with applicable laws and regulations. The products in question have been investigated and are in the process of being removed," Amazon said in a statement in response to the FDA's letter.

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The products listed include Similasan Pink Eye Relief, The Goodbye Company Pink Eye, Can-C Eye Drops, Optique 1 Eye Drops, OcluMed Eye Drops, TRP Natural Eyes Floaters Relief, and Manzanilla Sophia Chamomile Herbal Eye Drops.

The eye drops made various claims, such as that they can relieve irritation or strain.

The makers of the some of the products listed have refuted the FDA's claims.

"It is important to note that the issues raised with our products and manufacturing are not due to any consumer safety issues or incidents. Similasan products have been available across the US since 1987, and more than 100 million bottles have been sold," Similasan said. "To our knowledge we have experienced zero cases of adverse events linked to the use of Silver Sulfate as a preservative. Pending resolution of the FDA concerns, we have voluntarily suspended the sale and distribution of all Similasan eye drop products to US retailers."

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