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A mirror that can check your vitals and more health tech at CES 2024

From a 4-in-1 at-home health device to mirrors that can check your vitals, here are some of the health tech items unveiled at CES 2024.
A mirror that can check your vitals and more health tech at CES 2024
Posted at 9:18 AM, Jan 11, 2024

With today’s connectivity and technology, keeping track of your health can quite literally be as easy as clicking a button.

Here are a few gadgets we found at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas that could help you stay in tune with your health.

Withings BeamO

This is a 4-in-1 at-home vital monitor. BeamO can check your temperature and blood oxygen level, as well as act as a digital stethoscope and ECG.

“It’s a new product we are unveiling this year at CES,” said Antoine Joussain, the product manager at Withings. “BeamO is a really small device, smaller than a smartphone, that you can carry with you at all times.”

All measurements can also be shared with your doctor.

“This is quite new and we are really trying to bridge the gap between the patient and the doctor,” he said.

Joussain said the product will be available later this year and cost $249.

As of Jan. 11, the website says the device has not yet received FDA clearance. 

NuraLogix Anura MagicMirror

“This is our new Anura MagicMirror and what it is, it’s a tabletop smart mirror device where we take a 30-second video selfie. We actually are analyzing the facial blood flow patterns underneath your skin to output more than 30 different vital signs and health parameters,” said Lindsay Brennan with NuraLogix.

This includes heart rate to blood pressure to risk of heart attack.

She said it’s a process called transdermal optical imaging.

“We’re sending your results up at the cloud, where they are processed, and then we output these measurements. So it uses a combination of machine learning and AI,” she said.

The mirror is not a diagnostic tool, Brennan said; it’s intended for general awareness.

While consumers can’t purchase one, they are being sold to telehealth clinics, hospitals and other wellness centers.

So how accurate is it?

While that information isn’t directly available, a press release on the new product says the company’s research models currently appear in 11 peer-reviewed research publications.

@scrippsnews Technology is making it easier to stay on top of your health. We demoed a few health tech gadgets at CES — including a mirror that analyzes your facial blood flow patterns to give you your heart rate, blood pressure, BMI, and other health vitals. #CES2024 #tech #health ♬ original sound - Scripps News

moonbird Breathing Coach

This one’s for anyone who deals with anxiety, stress or panic attacks. Or for the person who just needs a guided breathing exercise every once in a while.

Moonbird is a physical breathing coach.

“It helps you to breath at a slow pace of which it’s scientifically proven that it helps you to relax and calm your nervous system down,” said Stefanie Broes, the CEO of moonbird.

"You give the device a little shake and after a few seconds it begins to expand and contract in the palm of your hand,” she said. “When they expand you breathe in, when they contract you breathe out.”

It also connects to an app that shows your heart rate and other stats as you go through the breathing exercises.

“You don’t have to use an app for this,” Broes said. The app has no subscription charge associated with it.

You can buy the device on the company’s website or through Amazon.

"The device is $199 and includes both the app as well as the device,” she said.

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