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12th annual holiday kids bike giveaway

12th annual holiday kids bike giveaway
Posted at 5:16 PM, Dec 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-15 21:58:59-05

BOISE — What started with one bike quickly set off a chain reaction.

"The kids draw these pictures of their dream bikes, and then we transform these bikes into that picture," said the founder of Boise Bicycle Project Jimmy Hallyburton.

Boise Bicycle Project held their annual holiday kids bike giveaway. They planned for 450 bikes. Instead, nearly 600 kids submitted drawings of their dream bikes, so they got moving.

"Last night we were here until 1 am, putting tassels on them, making them look just like those dream bike drawings," said Hallyburton.

For one girl, her rainbow fantasy became a reality.

"I love how the bike looks," said 7-year-old Ella Lynch. "My favorite part about my bike is the bell."

Besides just how they look, these bikes serve a bigger purpose.

"The bicycle is this amazing tool that connects them to the community and its something they love, that brings them happiness and joy as they run around," said Hallyburton.
Some of the kids are equally excited to use them for practical purposes too.

"I can ride this to my school," exclaimed 6-year-old Eseum Harum.

And if these kids had to rate how excited they were to finally have their dream bikes on a scale of one to ten, the answer from Lynch was, "Of course ten!"