The 12 Best Drawer And Cabinet Organizers For Getting Your Kitchen In Order

The 12 Best Drawer And Cabinet Organizers For Getting Your Kitchen In Order
Posted at 8:06 AM, Jul 12, 2019
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The kitchen is the heart of a home. So, if your kitchen is a cluttered, disorganized, disheveled mess, what does that say about the health of the rest of your abode?

Whether you live in a New York City apartment with a postage stamp-sized kitchen or a mansion in Beverly Hills with a kitchen so massive it has its own zip code (or anywhere in between), there are organizational tools that can make the room work and look better than ever.

This collection of potentially life-changing products could be the solution to getting your kitchen organized once and for all.

Container Lid Organizer

One of the most difficult items to store neatly is the conglomeration of food container lids that every kitchen seems to have. This product has three divided compartments, making it simple to store lids in a range of sizes in an orderly fashion. You can nab two for about $20 at Amazon, where buyers have given it an average rating of 4.5 stars.


Water Bottle Holder

Reusable water bottles are good for your family as well as the environment, but they can be a chore to store. This product could be the answer. Space saving, stackable water bottle holders organize reusable containers vertically. You can also use them for bottled beverages such as sodas and sports drinks. A pack of two costs less than $23 and this product has been given the “Amazon’s Choice” seal of approval as well as near-perfect grades from buyers.


Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

Stacking skillets or piling pot lids makes it challenging to find what you need when it’s time to cook. This organizer holds up to five pans or pot lids. You can use it vertically or horizontally, as well. Get it on Amazon for around $15, where it holds a 4.5-star average rating from buyers.


Pullout Waste Containers

Trash cans and recycle bins can be unsightly and unpleasant. This storage item turns an ordinary cupboard into a place to stash two containers. Simply roll them out when you need them. For about $60, you get two bins and all the hardware required. This one has been a huge hit with Amazon users, who’ve given it an average score of 4.8 stars!


Cabinet Organizer Drawer

Retrieving items from low, out of the way cabinets can be a struggle. This steel wire drawer is available in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any cupboard and hold all those random items that seem to not belong anywhere. The drawers start at less than $25 each on Amazon, where thousands of buyers have given it an average grade of 4.6 stars.


Spice Drawer Liner

Spice racks require valuable counter or wall space, but spice jars can get lost on pantry shelves. This product enables you to store seasonings neatly in a drawer, without them rolling all over the place. Cut lengths of the 10-foot roll of liner to size to create a custom spice drawer. This is about $15 on Amazon and it holds the “Amazon’s Choice” distinction, thanks to high reviews.


Under-Sink Shelf

Much of the space beneath your kitchen sink might go to waste because of pipes, hoses or a garbage disposal in the way. This handy organizer works around those items, letting you stash cleaning supplies and more. The two-tier shelf is available for less than $25 and boasts an average review of 4.5 stars at Amazon.


In-Drawer Knife Block

A knife block kept on a counter can get dusty or grimy. This in-drawer alternative allows you to store knives safely and tidily inside of a drawer. Get it at Amazon for about $35. Buyers there have given it a stellar 4.9-star average grade so you should definitely be able to count on it.


Expandable Silverware Organizer

The borders of this bamboo utensil tray slide out. Not only will it fit your drawer perfectly, but it also makes use of the space alongside the silverware. This flatware storage product has up to eight dividers, costs a little under $20 and comes withthe “Amazon’s Choice” stamp.


Kitchen Sink Cabinet Door Storage

Soap bottles, sponges and other cleaning supplies quickly clutter a sink. This nifty piece hangs over the door inside the cabinet under the sink. Stash everything you need to wash dishes or clean up for about $20 from Amazon.


Customizable Drawer Organizer

Storing larger utensils, such as tongs, spatulas and ladles can be tricky. Having them readily available makes them more convenient, but they could become a jumbled mess in a drawer or on a counter. For about $30, this shelf liner lets you customize the placement of the silicone dividers and organizers, creating a non-slip place for everything. Amazon buyers have awarded it an average score of 4.2 stars.


Sink Front Tray

Have you ever wondered why sink fronts usually have faux drawers? This storage product turns them into a handy holder for sponges and other small objects. The trays start at less than $25 and are graded with the “Amazon’s Choice” seal, but please note that you will need hardware and tools for installation.


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