Girl saves great-grandfathers life after calling 911

BOISE - An eight-year-old girl is credited with saving her great grandfather’s life after he suddenly collapsed unconscious.

Bella Rossman and her great-grandfather, Bill Page, were watching television together when Bill became unresponsive.

"When I tried to talk to him he couldn't hear me. I would try to get his attention but it wouldn't work. Then he started shaking," Bella explained.

She quickly took action. Remembering to call 911 during an emergency from school, Bella contracted emergency services.

The phone operator kept her calm and asked her where she was at. Bella only knew the street, Harrison Boulevard, and first responders headed that way.

Doctors concluded Bill’s blood sugar dropped quickly and determined that if Bella hadn’t called 911, he wouldn’t have been saved.

“I was in complete shock and proud for sure,” Bella’s mom, Jordan Rossman, said. “The doctors said in his state he would not have made it if she wasn't there."

Bella was honored today by the Boise Fire Department. Chief Dennis Doan awarded her the Citizen Appreciation Award and a BFD challenge coin.

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