Corwyn's Cause holds Sunshine Gala to raise funds and awareness for medically fragile children

Posted at 10:16 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-22 00:16:36-04

Families with medically fragile children get support, visitors, and comfort items while in the hospital, but when they go home, they often feel alone.

Megan Schoemer lost her son to a rare brain malformation. 

She found that there was all kinds of support in the hospital but one they went home, their family felt completely alone.

Just months after her son passed away almost she started to form an organization called Corwyn's Cause to support other families that are in the same situation they were in. 

"What I found is giving back to families that are in the same situation I was in has really been great therapy and now as we're building this community around the families, I want them when they do experience their loss to know that their involved in a community and they can still be involved and come back and support other families," Megan Schomer, President and Founder, Corwyn's Cause. 

Schoemer says the cause is non diagnosis specific because they want to welcome families that need services and support. 

Next Saturday, September 29th at six p.m, Corwyn's Cause will be holding it's second fundraiser called Sunshine Gala.

The event is for adults only who would like to learn more and support the cause.

Head to for more information and ticket options.