9 Delightful Facts About Saint Patrick's Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and 30 million Americans are decorating their homes or offices for the occasion. We are taking a look at the great Irish celebration with nine delightful facts!

1.  250,000 marchers and about two million spectators are gearing up for the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade, an event that originated in 1762 when Irish soldiers in the English army marched through town.

2.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, 98 feet is the shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade. But that doesn't mean the Hot Springs, Arkansas event isn't big - this year's will feature Gary Busey and the Bacon Brothers. Past VIPs have included the San Diego Chicken and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

3.  36 million Americans claim Irish ancestry, even though there are only about four million people in Ireland.

4.  40 pounds of green dye are used every year to turn the Chicago River kelly green, and the dye lasts about five hours.

5.  There are 820 calories are in a 22-ounce Shamrock Shake, the same as nearly three Egg McMuffins. It also has 115 grams of sugar and 54 different ingredients, so hello, type 2 diabetes.    

6.  There are seven movies in the "Leprechaun" horror franchise starring Jennifer Aniston.

7.  83.2% of people celebrating plan to wear green, so don’t forget!

8.  Over 5 million pints of the black stuff aka Guinness are downed around the world every day; on St. Patrick's Day, that figure doubles.

9.  Patrick ranks 158th in popularity of baby names; in the 1950s it ranked 40th. But apparently as far as saints who people will raise a glass to, Patrick is #1 by a longshot.

And cheers to you! That's nine delightful facts about St. Patrick’s Day.

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