3 ways to find your wine soulmate

Ah, vino!  The USA gets its drink on to the tune of 275 million cases a year, more than any other country.  (Sorry, France.)  But have you been dating the wrong wine?  The wine subscription service, Bright Cellars, claims they can help you find your vino soulmate.  Co-Founder Richard Yau says all you have to do is “answer a quiz, and we match you to wines you might like."


The List’s Teresa Strasser has three things they want to know:


1.  Your Sweet Tooth

Yau says, "Your chocolate preferences, for example, can determine how sweet you like your wine, or how much you like bitterness.”


2.  Tea and Coffee

Your tea and coffee have more in common with merlot and chardonnay than you think.

"That gives us more information on fruits, acidity, tartness of wine.”


3.  Cocktails

"If you like a margarita, they have citrus fruits and are high in acidity; we might start you off with a German Riesling.”


Bright Cellars then aggregates all the questions, then builds a profile. Soon after, a box filled with four "Mr. Rights" arrives.  If those top notes of peanut butter cups are a bit much, mention it in your review and they'll fine tune your next selection. That’s how you find your vino match.


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