SYSCO KITCHEN: Salmon for breakfast at Moe Joe's

Welcome to Moe Joe's Breakfast Eatery! Located near the intersection of Overland and Eagle, Moe Joe's has been providing Meridian's finest breakfast and lunch dining for over a four years. From country fried steak to jalapeno berry pancakes, our menu includes a variety of delicious, original meals, all cooked from scratch by our team of professional chefs. If you are looking for new place to have breakfast, drink coffee, read the paper, or spend time with loved ones, Moe Joe's offers it all. Stop in and see why Moe Joe's is becoming known as Meridian's premier breakfast eatery.



Blackened Salmon Hash

Diced fried Moe Joe Potato’s

Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Top with Sear blackened salmon

2 poached eggs

Finish with chipotle hollandaise sauce

Sprinkle fresh cilantro and add a wedge of lime

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