Celebrating Idaho 150

CREATED May 10, 2013

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Did Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid - and Teddy Roosevelt - really ride together through Idaho? Who was Idaho’s 22-year-old, four-time WWII flying ace? Where is the $180,000 in gold and money – stolen from a Wells Fargo stage in 1865 - buried? What high school student from Rigby, Idaho invented an electronic device that changed the world, and is still in widespread use today?

In recognition of Idaho’s 150th birthday as a territory, Journal Broadcast Group/Idaho is telling the stories that have shaped our collective history, and later, stories about the people, businesses & non-profit organizations that help to make Idaho what it is today. A celebration of a colorful past and vibrant present, told through a year-long series of thirty-second vignettes airing across all of Journal television, and sixty-second features across all of Journal radio, and hosted on all Journal-Idaho affiliated websites.

Together with archivists and historians who are researching the project both for accuracy and interest, Journal’s news anchors will crisscross the state for the next year, and we invite you to watch and to listen.