What is the Incredible Age Expo?

Saturday April 1st you’re invited to join us for the first-ever Incredible Age Expo at Expo Idaho. 

As you walk up closer to the intersection of late in career and early retirement, questions arise.

If you’re like some of us – in late career or early retirement – questions come to mind that never really occurred to us before as we were raising our now-grown families.  Am I ready for retirement?  What’ll I do with the extra time?  Are there new investment tools I should consider?  And what about transitioning from employer-facilitated coverage to Medicare? 

But it’s not all about investments and insurance. 

Some of us will upgrade our homes, others downsize and find a new address.  Some will travel, whether that’s hopping on a plane, a cruise or hitting the road for a “where you want, when you want” adventure.  Still others start a part-time second career or learn something they’ve always wanted to learn.

Now that grown kids are walking their own paths, our attention might turn to our own aging parents.  Who can we consult to help them make the best decisions about wellness, finances and care?

And then there are the toys.  Cars, boats, ATV’s, RV’s, motorcycles; shiny toys that might’ve been out of reach when you’re buying braces and prom dresses might not be out of reach anymore. 

The Incredible Age Expo explores these and other options through hundreds of exhibits, demonstrations, presentations; all to answer the questions you have about what’s next, and how “incredible” that can be.  It’s about the choices you make today, that make tomorrow better.  In a day supported by four primary partners; Cap Ed Credit Union, Saint Alphonsus, Blue Cross of Idaho and AARP. 

Doors are open from 9 ‘til 5 Saturday April 1st.  And admission is free. 

Explore, examine, learn, discover, play.

At the Incredible Age Expo.   

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