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Mark Hopkins

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 My name is Mark Hopkins and I'm a Senior Account Manager with Journal Broadcast Group Radio & Television. For over 30 years I've worked with Treasure Valley business owners to assist them in developing Strategic Marketing Plans and Advertising Campaigns that yield measurable results. My background includes planning and implementing successful Radio, Television, Print and Internet strategies.

My experience has been that most small business owners don't have a written marketing plan, and that's unfortunate. In the absence of a good plan, marketing and advertising typically becomes a little of this and a little of that without ever making a real impact on the consumer. The results are generally disappointing.

In working together at Journal Broadcast Group Radio & Television, I'll invest the necessary time to really get to know your business. By having a good understanding of your goals and position in the marketplace, I'll be better prepared to tailor a plan that addresses your marketing issues. We will develop a solid marketing plan, a media plan and a compelling offer to drive customers to your firm. Finally, we'll make sure to build an effective schedule to reach enough customers with enough frequency to get your desired results. If we do all of these things well, success is all but assured.

At Journal Broadcast Group Radio & Television we work very hard to develop long-term business partnerships with our clients. We understand that our success is directly linked to yours.

I would appreciate the chance to get acquainted with you and discuss your current marketing efforts.

Phone: (208) 866-8452

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