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Sports Director - Paul Gerke

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Paul Gerke has been working in television since he was 19, when he became a member of the production team at WJRT in Flint, Michigan. He spent four years behind the scenes before taking his first on-air job in the Sports Department at WBKB in Alpena, Michigan. After 14 months and a 2,100 mile journey to Boise, Paul is living outside of the Great Lakes state for the first time.

Paul graduated from The University of Michigan-Flint in 2010. He considers himself a journalist first and a fan second, but can't help rooting for the Michigan Wolverines and every professional Detroit sports team (The Red Wings, Lions, Tigers, and Pistons). He has experience in various forms of media- he wrote a satire column for The Michigan Times, co-hosted multiple radio shows, and even landed a book deal based on articles from a humor website he started with a friend.

Paul's love for Sports Journalism has been a part of him for as long as he can remember. When he was a kid, Paul used to write up box scores for Red Wings games to leave for his dad when he came home from working third shift. He started shooting games and anchoring newscasts when he was a sophomore in high school, and has been passionate about his career ever since.

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